Private Instruction

Learn yoga the old fashioned way.....

Traditionally yoga was taught by one teacher to one student.  A private yoga session will provide a more intimate view of your practice and benefits both new and experienced students

For new students, private yoga classes provide a course in basic yoga and help build the foundation necessary to feel comfortable in a group environment. Personal Instruction ensures that the student have the appropriate beginning to their practice.

For more experienced students, private yoga classes can help students take their practice to the next level.  Students gain a deeper insight into specific postures in a safe and inspiring environment, learning proper posture alignment and modifications.  Students also receive support in developing a balanced home practice.

Private classes also allow students to learn about yoga philosophy or other aspects of the practice such as meditation and pranayama (breathing practices).

Private classes can be scheduled at YOUR convenience.  Come enjoy the freedom of truly personalized instruction. Classes can be completely individual or bring a friend.   

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Private Instruction Pricing:
(max 2 students)
1 hour $60.00

Book Multiple Sessions and Save!
5  Sessions: 10% discount
10 Sessions: 15% discount

Contact me to discuss your practice needs/goals.  Start the journey to a more healthy, joyous and peaceful YOU!

Small Group Instruction
Deb can tailor classes to fit any small group.
Rates start at $85.00 per session