Deb has been a student of yoga for over 16 years. Her journey began when she stepped onto the mat after a back injury.   Deb is a very high energy person and sitting quietly is not in her DNA.  Yet she found as she moved into Savasana at the end of that first practice, her mind was quiet and she was totally present in that time and that place.  She was hooked and has been practicing regularly ever since.

Wanting to share the union of mind, body, and spirit that is yoga, Deb completed teacher training at Total Body Yoga in 2009.

Her passion is to help students to stay strong and active at every age through the exploration of yoga and meditation.  Her classes focus on a safe, loving practice that encourages students to work at their personal edge.

Deb is honored to guide students on their journey to be more present and love life more deeply.

Deb is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga                                                                           Alliance.  

                                                                          Deb is also an avid knitter and creates special
                                                                          order knitted yoga shrugs and accessories.